Radiance Engine

Welcome to the Radiance Engine repository! From here, you can view the source code to the Radiance Game Engine, or clone it and make your own changes to the engine. Below is extra information about the engine.

What is Radiance Engine

Radiance Engine is an independently developed rendering engine made primarily for 2D/3D game development. It’s being made with performance and ease of use in mind, to help making high-performance games easier.

Buliding Radiance Engine

Building the engine from its source code is a very simple and easy process:

First, clone this repository recursively, git clone --recursive https://github.com/vkMini/RadianceEngine.git. The engine MUST be cloned recursively in order to retrieve any submodule dependencies used by the engine.

Once you have cloned the engine, run the “GenerateProjectFiles.bat” script to generate Visual Studio 2022 project files. If you use a different version of Visual Studio or a different IDE. You’ll have to modify the script accordingly. You can check out the Premake docs for the different options available.

Finally, once you have generated your project files, simply open the Radiance Engine project/solution, and run it in your IDE to build and run the engine!

Plans for Radiance Engine

As of currently, I don’t have anything planned for the engine. This section will be updated when I do have something planned.

Contributing to Radiance Engine

As the engine is being developed by one person, helpful actions such as adding features, fixing bugs, reporting bugs, etc. help with the engine’s development and making it the best it can be. Any and all contributions to Radiance’s development are greatly appreciated!❤️


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