1.9 GDPS Android


  • APKTool in path
  • android-ndk-r17 or below (must support gnustl)
  • Geometry Dash 1.92 APK. 1.93 or above will not work!
  • Git


  1. Grab the submodules if they haven’t been grabbed already.

  2. Setup a copy of the APK by providing it as the first argument in setup-apk.sh.
    Example usage: ./setup-apk.sh GeometryDash192.apk

  3. Setup CMake to point to the Android toolchain and the CMakeLists.txt in this directory.

  4. Modify build-apk.sh to sign the APK.
    Uber APK Signer is the signing tool used for release builds.

  5. Build the APK.
    This will initially build a library. Using the install target will run the rest of the scripts, putting an APK into the out directory.
    See the project’s VSCode tasks for some example build commands.


This project follows a split publicity model. The public repository squashes all history up to the initial public release (U8.1.2). This is due to the repository historically containing proprietary files and code blacklisted from public release.

The public repository will be updated upon each new release of the 1.9 GDPS. Only the main branch from the public repository will be synced. Commits made to the public repository will be synced to the private repository when they are made. Merging will be dealt with personally.


Explanations for some parts of the code, including the crash reporter, can be found in the docs folder.


This repository is licensed under the Mozilla Public License v2.0.

Asset Credits

  • RobTop
    Many of the -uhd assets in the patch/files folder come from the PC version of Geometry Dash 1.9. Some textures in the assets folder also come from Geometry Dash.

  • Aroo
    Designed a majority of the textures that can be found in the assets folder.

  • EPSSounds
    Created the menu loop. Can be found at its Newgrounds page.

Main level song credits and creators can be found ingame.


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