Cinema 4D Connector – Cinema 4D Plugin

Provides a plugin for Cinema 4D to exchange code between the Script Manager and external code editors.

The solution is server-based and requires a matching implementation on the side of the code editor. Such matching implementation is being provided with the Visual Studio Code extension Cinema 4D Connector.


To use all the features it is necessary to install the following two extensions:

  • The Cinema 4D plugin, downloadable here. Once downloaded, extract the archive to the Cinema 4D S26+ plugins folder. You then need to activate the extension in the Cinema 4D preferences in the Extensions | Code Exchange menu, activate the WebSocket Json checkbox.

  • The Cinema 4D Connector extension for Visual Studio Code, directly accessible in the Visual Studio code marketplace, or download it here.


In-depth documentation can be found in Cinema 4D Connector – Documentation.


  • Cinema 4D S26.

Known Issues

If settings are not present in the preferences, you do not have the correct version of Cinema 4D.


This extension is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.


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