Mandelbrot for TI CE calculator

Mandelbrot screenshot

This application renders the mandelbrot set (in an acceptable time) on your TI
CE calculator.

Installing & running

Download the MBROT.8xp of the latest release
from the github page. Transfer this file to your calculator using
TI connect
or send it to your emulator. Then run the program by pressing the prgm button,
selecting the program MBROT and pressing enter twice (to select and run

Note the program will draw the mandelbrot set in about 90 seconds, after which
you can press any key to return to the home screen. The drawing can also be
aborted by pressing the on key.


In order to compile the mandelbrot set, please follow the steps at the
CE Toolchain documentation
“Getting Started” section in order to set up your CE development environment.
Then run make in the project root in order to compile the program. The program
can then be found in bin/MBROT.8xp.

Developer notes

Note the program uses a custom fixed point integer implementation. This has been
done in order to optimize performance. The program can be switched to using
floats by changing

using T = fp<int24_t, 9>;


using T = float;

in src/mandelbrot.cpp. This results in a more detailed image at the cost of
more than doubled rendering times. The 9 fraction bits for the fixed point
numbers are chosen to reduce the amount of overflow errors (which are
automatically detected when making the debug build). As it is, a total of only 4
overflow errors is produced (probably causing 4 pixels to have the wrong color).


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