Here, sections of the code from PRISMS-Plasticity ( are adapted to allow for different numbers of mesh subdivisions in each direction when using periodic boundary conditions.

What is PRISMS and where can the full code be found?

PRISMS-Plasticity is a Finite Element Method (FEM) code developed based on the FEM librabry deal ii. PRISMS incorporates FEM models of crystal and continuum plasticity. The code can be found on the link

What is done in the adapted-prisms-periodicBCs?

In the original PRISMS code for periodic boundary conditions, it is assumed that the mesh has the same number of elements in all directions (x, y and z). However, in some occasions it may be desired to vary the subdivions in each direction in a 3D simulation, such as to enforce a condition of plane strain loading while having fewer elements in the z-direction in order to save computational time. Here, in adapted-prisms-periodicBCs, you can find the files that are modified to allow such feature.

Files modified from PRISMS: (src), (src), ellipticBVP.h (include)


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