Learning Autograding with C/C++ and Catch2 – Prof. Igor Machado Coelho

IMPORTANT: If autograding (GitHub Actions) doesn’t start for you, check again the Invitation Link for the activity and hit the link named update.

If you want to practice this activity, just follow this link:


TODO – Please put your name in this README

Problem Description

This part describes the activity. This example activity consists in fixing two functions: one that adds two integers, and another that multiplies two integers.


  • Make the code pass correctly on all tests

    • only change the allowed files to achieve this goal (see instructions below with specific rules).
  • The GitHub Actions should present a green marker when all tests are satisfied, and a red X when some (or all) of tests fail.

    • Advice: You can click on the red X to verify which tests have failed (or if code didn’t compile correctly).
    • Advice 2: If no autograding test appear, it may be required for the instructor to update the test activities, so that all student repos are refreshed (regarding autograding).


  • You can ONLY change files student.hpp and!
    • In file student.hpp put your implementations, and in put your full name.

Explanations for the other files:

  • file tests.cpp has all tests for the activity (DO NOT CHANGE!)
  • file catch.hpp has the testing library CATCH2 (DO NOT CHANGE!)
  • file makefile has the commands for executing activity (DO NOT CHANGE!)
  • file appTests will be generated after compiling (if you want to test locally, just execute it)

Commands for Local Testing

  • Command to build and execute tests: make test
    • If executable is built already, just type: ./appTests


  • The code will be evaluated only if compiling!

    • The reason is, if it doesn’t compile, it won’t be possible to generate the executable and to perform tests.
  • Some test cases may receive individual grade, while others may only receive grade if passing together (or even all tests passing together).

  • The final grade will be given automatically on every commit, and will only be evaluated until the deadline of the activity.

  • The deadline is defined in GitHub Classroom

    • in case you cannot find it, ask the instructor or the course webpage

Check all other rules with instructor.


MIT License 2020


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