popVCF losslessly encodes a multi sample VCF to reduce disk footprint. VCF fields are encoded by pointing to other exactly identical fields in the same row or in the row above. popVCF performance is small on a single sample VCF, but the compression ratio can go up to 40+ on a large population VCF or 5x more compressed than the standard bgzip compression.


Feature complete C++17 compiler is required for building popVCF, i.e. GCC 8/Clang 10 or newer.

git clone --recursive <url> popvcf # Clone the repository
cd popvcf
mkdir build-release
cd build-release
cmake ..
make -j3 popvcf


popvcf encode my.vcf > my.popvcf
popvcf decode my.popvcf > my.new.vcf
diff my.vcf my.new.vcf # Should be the same

# It is also possible to bgzip, tabix index and query
popvcf encode my.vcf -Oz > my.popvcf.gz
tabix my.popvcf.gz
popvcf decode my.popvcf.gz > my.new2.vcf
popvcf decode my.popvcf.gz --region=chrN:A-B > my.region.vcf # Random access a region using the tabix index




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