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Pilot Engine is a tiny game engine used for the gams104 course.


To build Pilot, you must first install the following tools.

Windows 10/11

  • Visual Studio 2019 (or more recent)
  • CMake 3.19 (or more recent)
  • Git 2.1 (or more recent)

MacOS >= 10.15 (x86_64)

  • Xcode 12.3 (or more recent)
  • CMake 3.19 (or more recent)
  • Git 2.1 (or more recent)

Ubuntu 20.04

  • apt install the following packages

apt install git
apt install cmake
apt install clang
apt install libxcb1-dev
apt install libvulkan-dev
apt install vulkan-validationlayers
apt install mesa-vulkan-drivers
  • NVIDIA driver (The AMD and Intel driver is open-source, and thus is installed automatically by mesa-vulkan-drivers)

Build Pilot

Build on Windows

You may execute the build_windows.bat. This batch file will generate the projects, and build the Release config of Pilot Engine automatically. After successful build, you can find the PilotEditor.exe at the bin directory.

Or you can use the following command to generate the Visual Studio project firstly, then open the solution in the build directory and build it manually.

cmake -S engine/ -B build

Build on MacOS

The following build instructions only tested on specific hardware of x86_64, and do not support M1 chips. For M1 compatible, we will release later.

To compile Pilot, you must have the most recent version of Xcode installed. Then run ‘cmake’ from the project’s root directory, to generate a project of Xcode.

cmake -S engine/ -B build -G "Xcode"

and you can build the project with

cmake --build build --config Release

Build on Ubuntu 20.04

You can execute the build_linux.sh to build the binaries.


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