Solder Reflow Plate

By AfterEarth Ltd

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Checkout the new Ver 3.0 design. Very similar to Ver 2.4 but now comes with ATmega4809 as its availability is much better than the 328p at the moment. Code is still in development but the board designs are available in the Board Versions Folder.


  • 70mm x 50mm (Ver 2.4)

    • 12VDC (5A Minimum)
    • 5.5mm x 2.5mm Barrel Jack
    • 0.91″ OLED Display
    • ATmega328p Microprocessor
  • 70mm x 50mm (Ver 3.0) NEW

    • 12VDC (5A Minimum)
    • 5.5mm x 2.5mm Barrel Jack
    • 0.91″ OLED Display
    • ATmega4809 Microprocessor

About the Project

Like any good nerd does I’ve been expanding my hobby horizons.
I’ve gone from breadboard, to perf board, through-hole, to SMD, ever increasing circuit complexity and improving my knowledge.
But I’ve become frustrated with the difficulty of SMD soldering.
Regular soldering jogs small components and needs lots of flux.
Hot air damages plastics.
Hot plates are expensive and can be big wastes of space.

“But you’re a nerd” I hear you cry, “why don’t you DIY a solution?”.

Electronoobs shows a great DIY solution using an old clothes iron hot plate.
You can watch his video here.
Have a go!

While I love this solution, I wanted to develop something smaller and more permanent.
Hence the Solder Reflow Plate was born, a PCB-based, MOSFET controlled heater, perfect for easily reflowing SMD components giving surprisingly professional results. Furthermore, these results are achieved without breaking the bank or taking up an enormous amount of desk space.

And so, this nerd bestows upon the world his project, fully open-source and hackable.
Here’s hoping that it may be used to develop skills, build custom circuit boards, and make quality designs possible to all!


  • Register your email address at to know when it is available to buy!
  • There is a worldwide shortage of ATmega328p Microcontrollers. I’m currently working on a small redesign for a more readily available chip.
  • Purchase will be available soon!


All parts of this project are covered by a MIT license.
That means it is entirely open-source, so you get access to everything! (just without warranty or liability)
Feel free to download, customise, hack, and commercialise to your nerdy heart’s content.

Want the easy life?!
Purchase the default design above!
Its fully functional, cheaper than customising, and helps to feed the creator’s caffeine addiction 🙃


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