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original README:

This is a CS:GO multihack, originally developed as a griefing cheat but evolved into a multihack, with semi-rage, exploit and griefing oriented features that are actively supported by the developer. It has been in development for 2 years so far, and since its base – Osiris – seen many bloat removal, cleaning up and expanding while drifting away from the original premise of cheating in video games, competitive especially.


NEPS has seen numerous performance improvements, even from an already fantastically optimized base, having both low-level and very situation-specific retouches, and as a proud owner of a 2013 thinkpad, I think NEPS’s performance is better than most other options, especially on the low end of the spectrum.

NEPS features

  • Aimbot: aim assistance
  • Triggerbot: automatically shoot a player if in front of crosshair
  • Backtrack: abuse lag compensation to interact with opponent’s previous records
  • Anti-Aim: a tool to make You harder to hit, sometimes exploiting server-client desynchronization bug
  • Chams or Chameleons: color and shade any model in a world to Your liking (also can indicate backtrack and anti-aim)
  • Glow: similarly to chams creates a glowing halo around models
  • ESP or Extra Sensory Perception: reveal critical info about players
  • Visuals: modify visual aspects of the game to Your liking
  • Skin Changer: equip any in-game weapon/player skin
  • Sound: modulate any sound individually, or add custom kill, death and hit sounds
  • Griefing: toolset for trolling/griefing players
  • Exploits: abuse miscellaneous bugs of the game
  • Movement: movement enhancement
  • Misc: miscellaneous features that didn’t get categorized, try them out among others!
  • Style: customize the look of NEPS main menu
  • Config: save and load configurations for every feature
  • Color Palette: hold Your accent colors for configuring visual features
  • Config Drag&Drop: You can drag’n’drop some individual items as well! Like colors, aimbot weapon settings, anti-aim conditionals, and ESP.

NEPS dependencies

  • Visual Studio 2022
  • Windows SDK 10.0.X.X
  • Platform Toolset v143



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