Steam for Flax Engine

This repository contains a plugin project for Flax Engine games with Steam online platform implementation that covers: user profile, friends list, online presence, achevements, cloud savegames and more.

Minimum supported Flax version: 1.3.


  1. Clone repo into <game-project>\Plugins\OnlinePlatformSteam

  2. Add reference to OnlinePlatformSteam project in your game by modyfying <game-project>.flaxproj as follows:

"References": [
        "Name": "$(EnginePath)/Flax.flaxproj"
        "Name": "$(ProjectPath)/Plugins/OnlinePlatformSteam/OnlinePlatformSteam.flaxproj"
  1. Add reference to Steam plugin module in you game code module by modyfying Source/Game/Game.Build.cs as follows (or any other game modules using Online):

/// <inheritdoc />
public override void Setup(BuildOptions options)


    switch (options.Platform.Target)
    case TargetPlatform.Windows:
    case TargetPlatform.Linux:
    case TargetPlatform.Mac:

This will add reference to OnlinePlatformSteam module on Windows/Linux/Mac platforms that are supported by Steam.

  1. Test it out!

Finally you can use Steam as online platform in your game:

// C#
using FlaxEngine.Online;
using FlaxEngine.Online.Steam;

var platform = platform = new OnlinePlatformSteam();

// C++
#include "Engine/Online/Online.h"
#include "OnlinePlatformSteam/OnlinePlatformSteam.h"

auto platform = New<OnlinePlatformSteam>();

Then use Online system to access online platform (user profile, friends, achievements, cloud saves, etc.).

  1. Setup settings

Steam plugin automatically creates steam_appid.txt file with Steam AppId (for both Editor and cooked Game). You can add own settings in Content window by using right-click, then New -> Settings, specify name, select SteamSettings type and confirm.


This plugin ais released under MIT License.


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