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OGL – A Great Cross Platform OpenGL Base Library With Everything You might Ever need!

For any Questions :

How to use?

This is made with only one thing in mind : Ease Of Use!
This is to be used as a git subbmodule!

So Lets Create a new Project step by step!

mkdir Project
cd Project
git init
git submodule add

Now you have sucessfully added OGL to your Project! (A ogl folder created)
Now, OGL privides a sample project for us to ork upon!
To Get Started with the sample project:

  • Copy the MyProject folder from ogl folder to the main folder
  • Copy the premake5.lua from ogl folder to the main folder

Now we need to Generate Our Project files!

For Windows

ogl\premake\premake5 msvc19

Done A MySolution.sln will be generated Just open it up with Visual Studio!

For Linux

./ogl/premake/premake5 gmake

This will generate the Makefiles.

To Build:

make CC=gcc

What does OGL Provide?

OGL provides access to the following libraries:

Along with all this libraries you have access to the powerful ogl-core
It provides abstractions for most of OpenGL needs:

  • EntryPoint
  • Setting Up Context for Imgui, … other frameworks
  • Window Creation and management
  • Camera
  • Vertex, Fragment, Geometry Shaders
  • Compute Shaders
  • Textures
  • FrameBuffers
  • Special ImGui Widgets
  • 3D Mesh Importers
  • Mesh renderers
  • Abstracted 3D Mesh, Model Data Structure
  • SSBOs (Shader Storage Buffer Objects)
  • Font Manager
  • Cubemaps

The code in this repository is being actively used in


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