OASIS is a smart home operating system based on ROS 2.

OASIS currently specializes in computer vision, input streaming and general automation.

Computer Vision

In my home I have a Kinect 2 and a bunch of poor quality laptop cameras.

I ported the Kinect 2 driver to ROS 2. I also run a background subtractor on all camera feeds courtesy of bgslibrary.

Kodi is my visual interface. I added Smart Home support so that it can show multiple ROS image topics.

Smart Home Camera View

Input streaming

Kodi is also my input interface. I connected a Bluetooth adapter to my NAS and it streams game controller input on a ROS topic.

Currently, I’m using my PS4 controller to control the speed of my childhood Lego train (the Falcon is new). A Raspberry Pi subscribes to the input, and controls an Arduino connected to a robotics motor controller that drives the train’s 9V motors.

Lego Train via PS4 Controller

To communicate with the Arduino, I added a complete Firmata implementation with additional support for temperature and humidity sensors, I2C, sonar, stepper motors, SPI, servos and CPU fans. My Firmata client fork is at https://github.com/eigendude/pymata-express.


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