The clip played is from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (2009).

Endless Endless Eight

A self-sustained AVI player to replay the summer days.

  • ESP32 to play MJPEG-AVI video files from microSD at 24 fps.
  • Utilizes ULP coprocessor for BAT voltage monitoring, Deep Sleep management etc.
  • 5V solar panel and small LiPo battery as the main power source.
  • (Planned) LTC3130-1 for more efficient power conversion.



  • ESP32 WeMos LOLIN32 Lite
  • ST7735 80×160 LCD module
  • microSD card (>= 2 GB)
  • 5V 2W solar panel

Prepare video files

All the video files to be placed on the MicroSD must be MJPEG-encoded AVI.

# Transcode EP 12~19 to ee_%d.avi, with scaling and cropping
$ seq 12 19 | xargs -L 1 -P1 -I% bash -c 'ffmpeg -i ee_%.mp4 -r 24 -vf scale=160:-1,crop=160:80 -vcodec mjpeg -q:v 5 -an ee_%.avi -y'

See sdcard/ for a set of sample vid files. These are converted from BigBuckBunny.mp4.

# The sample vid files were from
$ seq 12 19 | xargs -L 1 -P1 -I% bash -c 'ffmpeg -ss $(((% - 12)*2)) -to $(((% - 12 + 1) * 2)) -i BigBuckBunny.mp4 -r 24 -vf scale=160:-1,crop=160:80 -vcodec mjpeg -q:v 5 -an ee_%.avi -y'

Build firmware

$ git clone
$ cd endless-endless-eight

$ cp include/user_config.g.template cp include/user_config.h
$ code include/user_config.h

$ pio run || pio run # The very 1st run may fail due to ulptool-pio
$ pio run -t upload




This projects is here thanks to a lot of superb OSS libraries.
See platformio.ini for details. Thank you to all the devs.


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