Discord Token Logger

Multi-Featured Token Logger written in c++


  • Advanced threaded token searching in many directories
  • Ability to create persistence (run on startup) on victim machine
  • Hides important strings with a xor encryption alogorithm such as webhooks to prevent them from being found in static analysis
  • Ability to self destruct (delete itself) note : this does not affect persistence

Why c++?

  • C++ is a good option for this project as it allows us to get a much smaller file size and detection rate than a python token grabber

Virustotal scan (no detections)

alt text


  • Jsoncpp (json library for parsing json)
  • Curl (allows us to make http requests)


  • Edit config.h with settings

alt text

  • Compile with msvc (at least c++17)
  • I recommend building statically with vcpkg as it makes it easier to install libraries


alt text


  • ⭐ Would be greatly appreciated 🙂


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