MP4 Video exporter plugin for Unreal Movie Render Queue. The plugin allows encoding the animation in the RenderQueue into mp4,with optional AAC audio track. The plugin can be used in editor as well as in runtime builds. The plugin is still pretty raw,I have been developing it as a part of a bigger project I have been working on. Any feedbacks,feature requests,bug reports are much welcomed,but I cannot gurantee fast addressing of those.

Supported platforms

This specific build supports only Windows 64bit as some of the source code is precompiled into static library. All the source code is provided seprately and completely portable to any platform supported by Unreal Engine.


The following libav libraries are linked dynamically with this plugin’s source code: avcodec-58.dll,avformat-58.dll,avutil-56.dll,swscale-5.dll,swresample-3.dll The encoding/multiplexing logic that uses the above libraries resides in 2 .c files, which are provided separately on request (contact me via info at codeartworks dot com): ca_videoencoder.h,ca_videoencoder.c These two files have been precompiled with MSVC 2019 for 64bit target into static librariy which is linked with UE4 plugin of the example project. I will upload those later as the code requires a good cleanup.


  1. All the libav shared libs are provided as file in ‘Plugins\VideoEncoder\Source\ThirdParty\ffmpeg’ directory. Unzip it in the same location so that all the files end up in ‘bin’ folder.
  2. Right click VideoEncoderUE.uproject and press ‘Generate Visual Studio project files’. VS 2017,2019 should work fine,but let me know if there is a problem.
  3. Compile the solution,make sure the shared libs (DLL files) are put into the same location where your project executable file is, then launch the UE4 test project either via VS or via the launcher file.
  4. From now on I assume you know how to create level sequence and setup the movie render queue. The test project contains a preset for the exporter:

MP4 exporter preset

  1. The MP4 exporter’s interface at this point of time is very simple.It allows the user to provide the bitrate (in bits),which is very important for the video quality. You may check YOUTUBE resolution/bitrate reference table for recommended bitrates. And the optional audio file location is provided,so one can add a soundtrack to the encoded movie queue. The audio file must be provided in AAC format.

MP4 exporter settings

  1. Once the exporter is set,just press the “Render” button and the video export will begin. The rest of the settings in the Render Queue are as usual.

MP4 exporter export


The plugin contains a code which links with LIBAV project so all the relevant licenses apply herein as well. This software uses libraries from the Libav project under the LGPLv2.1 or GPL v2 or later, depending what kind of LIBAV libraries you are planning to use in your project. This specific version is linked with LIBAV libraries compiled with –enable-gpl on. In case you decide to use this project as is then GPL license is in force instead of LGPL. Please check HERE the LIBAV license comppilance terms & conditions before you decide to sell and disitrbute your UE4 project with this plugin. Also note that UE4 marketplace forbids distribution of plugins with LGPL/GPL licensing types. I strongly recomend consulting your lawyers if you mean to sell or distribute your own project along with this code.

Any Epic Games / UnrealEngine related code is covered under license outlined in EpicGames UE4 EULA.


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