Modular turn-based-RPG-like battle simulator with JSON configuration files.


CustomQuest is a simple game that lets you battle aganist monsters with a simple RPG-like turn-based mechanic.

But it’s not just that! CustomQuest is modular, meaning you can create your characters, your enemies, your items and your movesets via JSON files.

Personalize your game with your custom profiles and try out different strategy, all in your terminal!

In-game look


To install CustomQuest, run these commands:


git clone
cd CustomQuest
sudo make install

Install directoy: /usr/local/share/customquest/.


To play CustomQuest, just run the command customquest, as simple as that!

Use the Arrow Keys and Enter to move through the game menus, and, while fighting, go back with b.

Available profiles




Orange Slime


Basic Inventory

Game Profiles

All the game profiles are stored as JSON files in the res/ folder, each type in its subfolder, heores/, enemies/, items/.

You can also add ASCII Arts for your monsters! Just create a file containing the ASCII Art with the same name as the monster, and place it in the res/arts folder.

JSON Format

Coming soon

How to add your game profiles

To add your custom JSON files, you can place them in the res/ folder before running sudo make install, or place them in /usr/local/share/customquest/ if you’ve already installed CustomQuest.

I’ll add more detailed instructions on how to create and insteall your own game profiels ASAP

Credits & Dependencies

JSON for Modern C++

To work easly with JSON files, CustomQuest relies on JSON for Modern C++ by Niels Lohmann. Although relying on external libraries, no dependencies are needed to install CustomQuest, since said library is already included in this repository (src/include/json.hpp) via the single_include version provided by the author, in order to make it easier for you, the end user, to enjoy CustomQuest.


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