Mods for Kingroon KP3S. The original printer started with a titan extruder. The board model on this machines is the STM32F407 so this firmware is untested with other boards.

Mod Name Description Download/Version
Firmware Pre-compiled and ready to use firmware for the STM34F407 version of the Kingroon board. If you need to make changes the source files are provided in the firmware folder. This is a modified version of Unified 2 by TH3D made to work specifically with the STM34F407 chip. Does not have BL-Touch Setup and has E-Steps adjusted for a BMG extuder Download
Voron Afterburner Mount Original mount by hongsoon. This is a remixed mount that supports the newer version of the Voron Clockwork extruder. For build instrustion, BOM, and STL files for the Voron Afterburner go to the official github page. Download V4
Dedicated PSU Box Working on a dedicated PSU box with support for quieter fans. WIP

Afterburner mounted on KP3S


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