Mobile Robot with VR : Meta Mobility


  • Oculus Quest 2


  • C920 Camera
  • VLP-16 or YD-LiDAR … any 3D or 2D LiDAR is ok…
  • WIFI router
  • Any Mobile Robot
  • Ricoh Theta V


  1. Navigation Package is based on ROS move_base.

  1. This repo supports teleoperation with Oculus Quest 2 (Manual Control Driving + VR).

  1. Combined two camera scenes are connected to Oculus Quest 2.

VR Environments

  • If you want to make an application of Oculus Quest 2 or any other VR devices. You have to develop it yourself by UNITY.
  • We also make a manual how to make an VR application. It supports ROS communication with VR devices.
  • There is a additional manul how to use 360 degree camera in UNITY, such as RICOH Theta V.


How to use


cd ~/catkin_ws/src
git clone {this_repo}
cd ..

WIFI settings

  • First of all, check your IP address as follows:
hostname -I
  • Then modify your IP address parameter of rosbridge_websocket.launch file in rosbridge_server package.

Map settings

  • Modify velodyne’s frame_id from velodyne to base_scan.
  • Modify navigation output topic message’s name from cmd_vel to navigation_cmd_vel.

Launch file

roslaunch usb_cam usb_cam_double.launch
roslaunch turtlebot3_navigation turtlebot3_navigation.launch
roslaunch rosbridge_server rosbridge_websocket.launch
roslaunch {your robot launch file}
  • In our repo, the robot launch file as follows:
roslaunch md md.launch


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