Mixin-Service is composed of two parts, Mixin-Service and Mixin Template Library.


Mixin-Service is an kernel-driver, Mixin-Service is designed to be easy to defend against rootkit.


  • Intel VT-x based hypervisor (a.k.a virtual machine monitor) (Not completely available yet)
  • Read/Write virtual/physical memory (May used to bypass memory protection based on fake cr3 in the future.)
  • Secure virtual memory (Prohibit releasing or changing the protection properties of memory pages to more stringent protection)
  • Allocate/Free virtual memory.
  • Process guard (Provides 4 levels of guard)
  • Debugger detacher (Only available for debuggers based on Windows debugging system)
  • Change handle access
  • Instantly shutdown/restart system.
  • Terminate process
  • Open process (May not bypass access checks)
  • Disable – Disable any guards applied to the specified process.
  • Basic – Enable minimal safeguards on the specified process, affecting but not limited to the following actions.
  • Strict – This guard may prevent the process from loading, it is recommended to enable this level of guard after the process has finished loading.
  • Highest – This level of guard may affect the normal working of the process.
  • Make the handle lose any privileges when the handle is opened/created.
  • Hide guarded processes in the process list.
  • Disable some SSDT functions.

Compared to the “basic” level of guard, enabling the “strict” level of guard disables the following actions:

  • Allocate code pages
  • Change the properties of the code page to writable or change the properties of the normal page to executable.
  • Load dlls without Microsoft signature.
  • Create remote threads and block all access from the user Some of these operations may not work on lower versions of the operating system

Compared to the “strict” level of guard, enabling the “highest” level of guard disables the following actions:

  • Create threads.
  • Load any dll
  • All SSDT functions
  • All user-mode APC delivery to any threads of guarded process

Mixin Template Library

Mixin Template Library is an header-only library and is designed to be easy to use, have no security vulnerability and efficient.


Mixin Template Library requires C++ 20, and is tested only on the MSVC compiler.

Some features may not available in unicode




template<mixins::container container_t> // Accept any container type
constexpr container_t::size_type size(container_t const& container) noexcept
  return container.size();


works similarly to “unique_ptr”

mixins::handle mutex_handle{ CreateMutexA(nullptr, false, "Mixin-Mutex") };

// -1 or -2 is not considered an invalid handle in process_handle, process_handle can represent both process or thread handles.
mixins::process_handle process_handle{ GetCurrentProcess() };
mixins::process_handle process_handle{ GetCurrentThread() };

mixins::actx_handle actx_handle;

mixins::reg_handle reg_handle;
RegOpenKeyExA(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, "SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Services\\heckerpowered.mixin", 0, KEY_READ, &reg_handle);

auto file_mapping = CreateFileMappingA(INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE, NULL, PAGE_READWRITE, 0, 4096, "Mixin-Mapping");
mixins::mapping_handle mapping_handle { MapViewOfFile(file_mapping, FILE_MAP_ALL_ACCESS, 0, 0, 4096) };

The random values generated by random generator may be the same in a short period of time


This feature is not yet fully implemented


This feature support convert standard container to string. See concept container, the only exception is string, string is not considered a container by mixins::to_string function. String value in the container will be quoted.

std::vector<int> v{1, 2, 3, 4};
auto result = mixins::to_string(v); // [1,2,3,4]
std::vector<std::string> v{"1", "2", "3", "4"};
auto result = mixins::to_string(v); // ["1","2","3","4"]

mixins::println(mixins::hex(114514)); // 1BF52

This feature is expected to be 60x efficient than stringstream. Compare to “mixins::concat”, this feature can only connect strings.

mixins::connect("114514", "1919810"); // 1145141919810

This feature is expected to be 60x efficient than stringstream.

mixins::concat("114514", 1919810); // 1145141919810

This feature is a simple implementation of Coroutine, and may be deprecated once C++23 adds the concurrent library.

mixins::generator<unsigned> inline coroutine(unsigned value) noexcept
	co_yield value++;
	co_yield value++;

int main()
	auto generator = coroutine(1);
	mixins::println(generator()); // 1
	mixins::println(generator()); // 2
	mixins::println(generator()); // 2
	mixins::println(generator()); // Error, undefined behavior

This feature uses Win32 Api, so it has a high efficiency. This feature will not be deprecated after std::print and std::println are added to the C++23 standard library, any formatting may have security vulnerabilities. Other than that, formatting is a design mistake, so I would never recommend using format, nor would I use it, or add it to my own library.

mixins::print("114514", "1919810");
mixins::println("114514", "1919810"); // Auto ends line.

This feature can accept a memory location and size, or a left value

int value = 114514;
mixins::println(mixins::compute_crc32(&value, sizeof(value))); // 1239593146
mixins::println(mixins::compute_crc32(value)); // 1239593146

This example shows only a partial use of this feature

for(auto&& process : mixins::process::enumerate())

This feature can also determine if this Windows is a Windows Server.


This feature is only enabled on 64-bit platforms. This feature not only detects the user mode debugger, it also detects the kernel debugger attached to the system, even if it is temporarily disconnected for some reason.


You need to assign a name to each stored value

mixins::setting_manager manager{ "Values" };
manager.write<int>("Mixin", 114514);

This feature does not take effect immediately, it will brings down the system in a controlled manner after a short delay (uncontrolled). This feature will not be considered as binging by any anti-virus software. This feature requires a valid error code, otherwise it will generate a pop-up and fail to make the system BSOD.


This feature need to define __mixin_link_comctl32__ macro to link the required libraries. If the user chooses to restart with other credentials on the GUI, this feature restarts the current process with elevated privileges and calls std::terminate(); This feature will not fail due to insufficient privileges.


mixins::println("Vendor: ", mixins::processor::vendor()); // e.g. GenuineIntel
mixins::println("Brand: ", mixins::processor::brand()); // e.g. Genuine Intel(R) CPU 2.80GHz
for (auto&& feature : mixins::processor::features())
	mixins::println(mixins::processor::feature_name(feature.first), " ", feature.second);


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