🔗 dll-merger

Merging DLLs with a PE32 EXE without LoadLibrary.

Building the project

  • git clone https://github.com/ytk2128/dll-merger.git --recurse-submodules
  • Open src/merger.sln
  • Build Solution

Principle of merging

dll-merger merges DLLs with one PE32 EXE and injects the loader code into the PE32 EXE and the injected loader loads DLLs manually without LoadLibrary and thus the loaded DLLs are invisible in the PEB.

executable before merging
executable after merging


  1. Execute merger.exe procexp.exe MyDLL.dll
  2. procexp.exe_out.exe is created
  3. MyDLL.dll is loaded in the procexp.exe_out.exe when procexp.exe_out.exe is executed but it’s invisible.


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