Adrenaline Gamer 6.6

This is the source code and distribution files for Adrenaline Gamer Mod 6.6 as it was released in November 2003.
It’s based upon the Half Life 1 SDK Copyright(C) Valve Corp.

Hope the code is of some use to somebody!

Martin Webrant aka BulliT /Malmö 2016-09-05

Note: my old email [email protected] is not active anymore.


    Team leader, Programmer and Website: Martin "BulliT" Webrant
    IRC bot and in game logo: Harry "Saturn48" Bardak
    Half-Life interfaces: Rik "Mr. T-rex" Schennink
    Location files: Andrea "Golem" Kaiser
    Graphics: Raziel "Raz" Meijroos
    Updated log system and DOM mode: Gary "Hicks" Preston
    Red/Blue models: Based on Halox by team halo
    Some skinning by: Aljosa "AweX" Lovercic
    CTF code is based on work done by: When It's Done Team
    CTF sound: Ryan "Don" Robinson and Marius "DJ Gizmo" Ruud
    Crosshairs: Daniel "Tolon" Doyle
    Color for the default player model: Sander "Spr" Ravenhorst
    IRC: The base for the built in IRC code was made by: Adi Degani
    Installer made with: Nullsoft "SuperPiMP" Install System

    Steve "Scary-one" Lyne
    Duncan "Reno" Blair
    Michael "Wolf" Schulz
    Rik "Mr. T-rex" Schennink
    Martin "Violation" Buff
    Ken "No remorse" Banks
    Richard "CHiNX" Lloyd
    Duncan "Finger" Moore
    Hurlin "SmelC" Clément
    Andrew "KungFuSquirrel" Weldon
    "Cash Car Star"


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