Dll Injector Aimbot + Esp C++

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"Dll Injector" RELEASE C++,C / AIMBOT / ESP / SPOOFER / DRIVER / Injector


External Game Project written mostly in C++ along with external libraries Internal And External projects.I started to get rid of scammers.i am developing Hack Cheat Driver Esp Aimbot Magic Bullet Driver Injector Overlay Imgui for many games.Games I’ve developed with hack so far Rise Online ,Apex Legends ,Bloodhunt , Call of Duty: Cold War , Call of Duty: Vanguard ,Call of Duty: Warzone/MW ,Dayz ,Dead By Daylight ,Destiny 2 ,Enlisted ,Escape From Tarkov ,Fortnite ,Game accounts ,Halo Infinite ,HyperFlick ,New Critical Hit ,New World ,Mir 4 ,Noble ,Playerunknowns Battlegrounds ,Steam ,Rainbow Siz Siege , Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, Rijin ,Rogue Company ,Rust ,Scum ,SpliteGa ,Super People ,Unleashed ,Valorant ,Spoofer ::: Buying a Hack Cheat don’t be scammed, more to come You can easily use mapper by including the compiled binaries in your project. Check the provided Injection.h header for more information. Make sure you have the compiled binaries in the working directory of your program. On first run the injection module has to download PDB files for the native (and when run on x64 the wow64) version of the ntdll.dll to resolve symbol addresses. Use the exported StartDownload function to begin the download. The injector can only function if the downloads are finished. The injection module exports GetSymbolState and GetImportState which will return INJ_ERROR_SUCCESS (0) if the PDB download and resolving of all required addresses is completed. Additionally GetDownloadProgress can be used to determine the progress of the download as percentage. If the injection module is to be unloaded during the download process call InterruptDownload or there’s a chance that the dll will deadlock your process.

Updated Time 17/05/2022



Features (Drop Down)

  • ESP




  • Injection methods
  • LoadLibraryExW
  • LdrLoadDll
  • LdrpLoadDll
  • LdrpLoadDllInternal
  • ManualMapping
  • Shellcode execution methods
  • NtCreateThreadEx
  • Thread hijacking
  • SetWindowsHookEx
  • QueueUserAPC
  • KernelCallback
  • FakeVEH
  • Manual mapping features:
  • Section mapping
  • Base relocation
  • Imports
  • Delayed imports
  • SEH support
  • TLS initialization
  • Security cookie initalization
  • Loader Lock
  • Shift image
  • Clean datadirectories

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This project is only for educational purposes. Therefore I’m not responsible for any harm/illegal activity that may happens. I made this project to learn more about reverse engineering and not to ruin the experience for other gamers. I will not be updating the offsets for this reason.This may not be exact code as the one in my hackathon.


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