Mach - Game engine & graphics toolkit for the future

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⚠️ in-development ⚠️

Under heavy development, not ready for use currently.

Supported platforms

Mach is still incredibly early stages, so far we have support for building from the following OS to the following targets:

Building for From macOS x86_64 From macOS M1/aarch64 From Linux x86_64 From Windows x86_64
macOS x86_64
macOS M1/aarch64
Linux x86_64
Windows x86_64
iOS ? ? ? ?
Android ? ? ? ?
  • ✅ Tested and verified via CI.
  • ✔️ Should work, not tested via CI yet.
  • ? Planned or in progress.
  • ⚠️ Implemented, but has known issues (e.g. bugs in Zig.)

Subrepositories / projects

Whether you’re interested in using all of Mach, or just some parts of it, you get to choose.
Our libraries all aim to have the same zero-fuss installation, cross compilation, and platform

  • mach-glfw: Ziggified GLFW bindings with 100% API coverage


Mach is maintained as a monorepo. When changed are merged to this repository, we use some git fu to pick out the commits to subdirectories and push them ot sub-repositories. For example, commits to the glfw/ directory also get pushed to the separate mach-glfw repository after being merged here.

There are only two requirements:

  1. Pull requests to sub-repositories must be sent to this monorepo, not to the sub-repository itself – to avoid some annoying merge conflicts that can arise.
  2. Individual commits may not change multiple sub-repositories at the same time (e.g. a commit to glfw/ cannot also include changes to gpu/, to avoid confusion.)


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