Longbridge OpenAPI SDK for C++

User Guide

Longbridge OpenAPI SDK offer to use your Auth to create HttpClient and WebSocketClient.

HttpClient has get, post, put, del method, and you can use it to call the API conveniently.

WebSocketClient has send_request method, and you can register the message callback and the WebSocket State callback. You can have the user-defined function to handle the push message and WebSocket State change.

Meanwhile the SDK offer the log utility, user can have custom log path, and default path is path /Longbridge OpenAPI, except macOS system’s is $HOME/Library/Logs/Longbridge OpenAPI. The log file default is longbridge.log.

If you have any question about using the SDK, please raising an issue。


  • C++ compile (at least C++11 standard)
    • clang (MacOS)
    • gcc (Unix)
    • msvc (Windows only)
  • CMake build system
  • Protobuf installed


Download the SDK

# clone sdk repo
cd /your/path
git clone https://github.com/longbridgeapp//openapi-cpp.git
# init submodule about proto
cd openapi-cpp
git submodule update --init

NOTE: Use need know yourself dev environment, and select the suitable arch static lib.

Open the Longbridge OpenAPI official site, and get your App Key, App Secret, Access Token.

Unzip the downloaded static lib to the path openapi-cpp/lib.

And you can use the SDK’s HttpClient and WebSocketClient develop yourself application.

Run Demo

Replacing the app_key, app_secret, access_token in demo/src/const/value.h as the value you get from forward step.

  • Clion user can open the project, and demo has three binary target, you can run directly.

  • Unix-like user else can run follow shell.

    cd /path/to/lb-openapi-cpp
    mkdir build
    cmake ..
    # run the binary
    # cd demo
    # ./http
    # ./ws_test
    # ./logger
  • Windows user can config cmake plugin in VS Code, press CMD + Shift + P open the command window, input CMake:Config, auto create the build directory. and the bottom button run the selected binary.

  • Other user can read the follow Fully Document to config project as yourself.

User Fully Document

Project Dir

 └─src -- demo src
    └─proto -- protobuf generate .cc/.h file
docs -- gendoc.sh will gen the doc in the directory
include -- SDK include file
lib -- User downloaded static lib
proto -- proto definition
src -- SDK cpp implementation

Project compose

SDK mostly contain:

  • HttpClient
  • WebSocketClient
  • Log utility
  • proto file
  • demo example

About Protobuf

proto directory submodule another repo, store the Protobuf Message definition from the site, demo/src/proto store the generated cpp from proto file. You can generate the cpp file by yourself.


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