Red Text Editor


About the project

Red Text is light weight text editor built with cpp. I have a lot of fun during the process of building, my goal was to boost my cpp and oop skills, another goal is to add a gui application to my portfolio as a software developer. Thank you for testing my app ^_^



Built with

  • C++ language
  • Sfml gui library
  • Makefile

How to use

Firstly, clone this repository using git :

git clone

Next make sure that you have the gcc compiler and make installed. Then run the make command inside the project folder, this will compile the cpp code, link it with sfml and then launch the application.

Congrats the editor should appear now with a demo text file.

If you wanna change the target file, open the makefile, go to the line 6 and change the DEMOFILE constant with your file path :

DEMOFILE = path/to/your/file.txt

After that compile the source code by running the command make again.


This is a simple explaination to have a general overview about my source code :

Class Role
Document This is the backbone of this application, it acts like a glue for other editor components and settings, such as: fonts, lines, cursor, positions, view …
EditorLine This class contains info about a single line in our document, like: content, number, drawings, position …
Cursor This is the visual cursor, it holds its position and the blinking rectangle
EditorView This class is useful to handle scrolling and resizing events, in addition it has the sfml view object as the main camera
Utils This class is a collection of some useful methods


This is my first gui application in cpp, so I am sure there is a lot of imporovements to do and bugs to fix. For this reason, I made this todo list to store the next steps :

  • Enable saving file
  • Add size and type constraints to files
  • Add settings page – to change fonts, sizes and colors
  • Add arabic support
  • Add theme switcher (Dark, Light)
  • Highlight active lines
  • Undo and Redo actions – ctrl + z && ctrl + y
  • Allow text selection
  • Add a scroll bar
  • Add words dictionary

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