Lightbow Game 2D Open-Source Game Engine built on SFML

  • To get a good example have a look at “PongTemplate”. This is the Ping Pong game created in LBGE2.
  • The Blank Template is currently not finished.


Engine Modules

  • LBGE2 currently has 6 modules which can be included.


#include “LBGECore.h”

Class Description
Game Static functions to start the game and manage core features
Level A level is the root object for everything. There can only exist one level at the time. Each level has a state (m_state) and an object manager (m_manager).
EventDelegate Used for creating events where you can bind functions to. See PongTemplate -> PongMenuLevel.cpp for button actions.


#include “LBGEObjects.h”

Class Description
LBGEObject A visible object which can be added to the object manager in the level. The object is create with a texture. Support for multiple textures for animations is planned.


#include “LBGEStates.h”

Class Description
GameState GameState base class. Every level has a state.


#include “LBGETypes.h”

Class Description
KeyEvent An input event which is passed into the “HandleInput” function of each LBGEObject.
Vector2 Not really a vector. It just contains an x and y value and can be explicitly converted to an SFML Vector2.


#include “LBGEAudio.h”

Class Description
Sound A sound object which can be played
Audio Static functions to play sounds


#include “LBGEUi.h”

Class Description
Fonts Static class to load and manage fonts.
TextBlock A text block which can be added to the object manager in your level. It can display text.


Installation with Engine Source

  • To use and compile the Engine, SFML is required.
  • Download the correct SFML release here for your compiler.
  • LBGE2 uses CMake as compiler.
  • Make sure SFML is installed at “C:/Libs/SFML” or change the directory in “LBGE2->Engine->CMakeLists.txt” Line 33.
  • On MacOS SFML needs to be installed at “/usr/local/include” or change the directory in “LBGE2->Engine->CMakeLists.txt” Line 22.
  • Use the one of the templates to start with your project.

Installation without Engine Source

  • A packaged version of the Engine is currently not available, but will be in future.


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