Library: DPDK userspace library read/write UDP messages with congestion control


Early-alpha: code under heavy development. Major limitations given here.

Design Goals

This library intends to be a rewrite of eRPC which was the motivation for this work.
Refer to the eRPC techical paper for more information. eRPC
(in its DPDK implementation) is a UDP only RPC library running over DPDK in userspace with congestion control to handle
UDP packet loss and flow control. The result is a highly efficient yet general purpose NIC I/O library.

Current Reinvent features

  • Decently documented
  • Ships with a working IPV4 UDP TX/RX example
  • No-copy packet preparation
  • DPDK configuration including UDP IPV4 routing information is defined outside code as enviromment variables ala
    12-factor. For beginners it’s far easier to understand configuration because readers are not dragged into DPDK code,
    its structures, and working out what the code or config intends to accomplish
  • Reinvent automatically configures lcores-to-HW-core assignment. Programmers set the desired lcore count in
    environment variables. The library then works out RXQ/TXQ assignments from there.
  • Reinvent provides a helper structure AWSWorker to make lcore startup straightforward
  • Reinvent AWSConfig is streamable and is output in JSON format. Pipe into python3 -m json.tool to pretty print
  • Reinvent provides a uniform structure to report errors: no ad hoc logging/assertions
  • Tested on AWS c5n bare metal instances running AWS ENA NICs

Getting Started


(In progress)


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