this is the bancho portion of akatsuki’s legacy codebase; the majority of the diff from ripple was written from late 2017 to early 2020 as i (cmyui) was learning the basics of python & programming as a whole.

you should really only use this as a reference & temporarily if you’d like to contribute to akatsuki live, though if you’re looking for code to run an osu server, i’m currently writing my own open-source server implementation from the ground up to use for akatsuki in the future which is already a much better choice for running small servers. the ripple team has also moved onto a new closed-source bancho implementation and no longer maintains their version of this, so it’s not a great choice overall.

i won’t provide any support for this code, not only is it dead to me but it’s littered with unintuitive & undocumented changes since we never planned on letting others use the codebase.


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