Luau Language Server

A proof of concept implementation of a language server for the Luau programming language.

Design Goals

The initial goal is to develop a language server supporting all common LSP functions. Module resolution and typing will initially revolve around Rojo. The idea is to ensure module resolution is modular, allowing the server to later be extended to support other environments where Luau may be used. We could also potentially take it a step forward, allowing the server to be used on an Lua 5.1 codebase through a translation layer (such as type comments through EmmyLua), allowing the language server to become general purpose, powered by the Luau type inference engine.

Current Steps

  • Develop a serial language server which correctly handles JSON-RPC messages, communicating over stdio
  • Implement diagnostics based on luau-analyze
  • Implement module resolution (based on luau-analyze-rojo)
  • Support textDocument/completion using the Luau autocomplete engine
  • Refactoring into an MVP (look into multithreading to support multiple requests at once)
  • Extend further to more LSP functions


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