A janet string formatter using Python or {fmt} style format string syntax.


This library is very much a WIP!

Most of the builtin type formatters are implemented. Some are only partially complete though.
Specifically needed:

  • precision for integers
  • padding for floats

There are some tests, but they aren’t very thorough, especially around the actual format macro.


See: docs/usage.md, and the examples/ directory.

Limiting C Modules

One of the main goals of this project is to write as much of the formatter in Janet as possible.

At the momement, there are two C/C++ modules int-ext and dragonbox.

  • int-ext adds a single function to unwrap int/u64 values, which isn’t available in the stdlib.
  • dragonbox wraps the dragonbox float-to-decimal conversion.

Hopefully these won’t be necessary in the future.


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