This repository includes the C++ implementation of several identities and functions on SO(3) and SE(3)

  • [2] Prof. Chirikjian’s book: Stochastic Models, Information Theory, and Lie Groups, Volume 1
  • [3] Sola et al., (2018) A micro Lie theory for state estimation in robotics

  • To use the code, simply copy and paste the file into the code directory and include the file to the code. E.g.,

    #include "lie_utils.h"

    The only dependency requried is the Eigen 3 package, which a commonly used Linear Algebra pacakge in C++.

    Some notes regarding the usage of the file, please refer to 3D_Utilities_Note.pdf in this repository.

    Other useful references:

    Author: MT

    Creation Date: 2022-May-08

    Previous Edit: 2022-May-09


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