Implement a tiny STL in C++11.


A lab to implement STL.

It is recommended that you compare the sigstl and stlport implementations.

You can watch this video and this book.

The following presentation shows the file you will implement and the corresponding test file, and you can modify the test/cppuint/cppunit_unitl.h file and CMakeLists.txt to open the corresponding test file.

Note the these file have the same names as the corresponding file in the two source implementations for your reference.

The most important thing is to understand generic programming.


  • stl_allocator memory management, imitating sigstl , implementing memory pools.

    • File: src/stl_alloc.h
    • Test: test/allocator_test.cpp
  • auto_ptr implementing the simplest smart pointer.

    • File: src/memory.h
    • Test: test/memory_test.cpp
  • type_traits getting started whit the concept of generic procgramming.

    • File: src/type_traits.h
    • Test: test/type_traits_test.cpp
  • global constructor and destructor

    • File: src/stl_construct.h
  • iterator_traits base iterator

    • File: src/stl_iterator_base.h
  • [algorithm function] -> copy & fill function iterator + type_traits generic programming

    • File: src/stl_algobase.h
  • uninitialized_[copy/fill/fill_n], copy/fill + constructor

    • File: src/stl_uninitialized.h
  • _Alloc_traits encapsulation provides a uniform interface to cccontainers for both allocators that need to be instantiated and those that do not.

  • iterator for the simple iterator is wrapped again, mainly the implementation of the reverse iterator.

    • File: src/stl_iterator.h
  • vector First container!!!

    • File: src/stl_vector.h
    • Test: test/vector_test.h


  • list
  • hash_map / hash_set
  • tree



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