If the issue you work on requires a code modification, you will need to pull a request (PR).

Pull Requests agreements:

For the title of the pull request, make sure to include at the beginning of the title the type of change you made (this list is not exhaustive)

feat = for a new feature that does not currently exist

fix = to fix something that is broken

chore = for any field update, script update, or adding a new field in a view

hotfix = urgent fix that needs to be treated urgently

To all the pull requests must be added a description, to explain why the changes is done.

type: Name of Issue/Feat #number

feat: Play in network #00009

Issue agreements :

type(global name of issue/feat): Name of Issue/Feat


feat(network): Play in network

Branch agreements :

fp/number issue-name issue



(fp = fontur pulse)


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