Markdownify Stats Overlay

A minimalistic stats overlay for Hypixel built on top of SDL.




  • Simple to use
  • Shows the stats of other players in your game almost instantly
    • Avoid nicked and sweaty players
  • Highly customizable
    • Custom screen size, opacity, background color, scale, font, etc.
  • Built in fake full-screen support
  • Configurable game-mode to display
  • Supports most clients
  • Very low CPU and memory usage
    • Written in native C++
  • Open source


You can download the latest release of this Stats Overlay for Windows. Other platforms are currently not supported yet.


To run this program, you will need to first download the latest release.

Then, extract the zip folder and run Overlay.exe. This will create a file called config.json inside the assets folder. Close the overlay (x button) and open the JSON config file using any text editor (ex. Notepad). Modify the config.json file accordingly by filling in the values (api key, log file path, etc.), save it and reopen Overlay.exe. The modifications you have made should take effect immediately.


If you’d like to build this project from source, you can follow the process shown below.

  1. Install MinGW and git.
  2. Add the MinGW bin directory to your system environment variables.
  3. Get the following libraries: SDL, SDL_ttf, SDL_image, JSON, cpr, spdlog, fmt.
  4. Clone this GitHub repository.
> git clone
  1. Navigate to the cloned repository, open the res folder and run compile.bat to compile the resource script.
  2. Compile this project with mingw32-make.
> mingw32-make [debug/release]
  1. If the build succeeds, there should be an executable called Overlay.exe which is the compiled Stats Overlay!


All feedback, issues and PRs are welcome!


This project uses the following open source libraries:


This project is licensed under the MIT license.


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