Handcrafted Flutter application well organized and easy to understand and easy to use.

⚠️ WARNING: This is a work in progress.

? Objective

This project aims to allow people to have a well organized Flutter application and easy to maintain

This project cover all important topics of all real world flutter project like:

  • routing
  • state management
  • dependency injection
  • app architecture
  • local database
  • remote database access via a REST API
  • widgets
  • localization
  • code separation from UI and logic
  • testing
  • etc.

This code is well documented and easy to understand to all Flutter junior developers to understand how to create a Flutter project from scratch with very well structured code and maintainable code.

At the end:

? You can create a well structured Flutter application.

? You will have a clear understand of how flutter apps work

? You can structured a real world flutter app with less effort

⁉️ Requirements

? You may configure your flutter env as described in the flutter.dev site

? See pubspec.yaml file for more information on this app and it dependencies

? I use VsCode as editor for this project

? I use a ThinkPad with a 16GB RAM, Windows 11 and a Intel Core i7-8565U CPU

? I test app both with my techno Spark 8 phone and with an emulator

⚠️ Attention

? You need Php 8 or uper to run this project.

? This code is used to train new dev at (may be, you want to join us): https://LaSyntax.com/

? Use this template on your own risk

? You have to adapt this flutter app templates to your real world project.

? For any question, contact [email protected] ou join the discussion: https://github.com/Dahkenangnon/FlutterFromZero/discussions

❓ Try it in your computer

  • Clone the repo

  • Install the dependencies by runing flutter pub get

  • Run the app by runing flutter run in your terminal to start app in your emulator or real phone

  • Enjoy using this flutter template app

  • You can easily adapt this flutter app template to your real world project.

  • NB: You can encounter some error base on your environnment configuration

? Extending

This project aim to allow junior dev to understand really how flutter apps work and be able to create their own flutter project with well structured and maintenable architecture.

For education purpose, this project use the simplest way that junior developer can understand, it’s the reason why you should adapt the template to your real world project.

Justin Dah-kenangnon from ePatriote.com and LaSyntax.com from Benin

He is Software Developer at ePatriote.com

Mathematics and Numerical Simulation Engineer

Happy hacking ?


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