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A GUI to create 4PT Repositories

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Table of Contents
  1. About The Tool

  2. Features
  3. Usage
  4. TODO
  5. Build Dependencies
  6. Developers

About The GUI

This is a Graphical User Interface to make it easier for 4PT users to create their own repository.

This allow users to avoid the need to modify YML files, and makes creating a repository as easy as dropping the PKGS and selecting the type.

The GUI also features a mini HTTP server that allows users to host a repository without the need of a hosting service or an APACHE server.



The current working app features are:

  • Adding/Deleting pkgs and changing their types
  • Export the repository to a folder or a ZIP file
  • Host the repository without the need of an APACHE server or a hosting service


For information on how to use the GUI, refer to Tutorial

For information on repositories, please refer to 4PT-Repository

For information on 4PT, please refer to 4PT


  • Drag and drop repository icon
  • Add task bar icon on windows
  • Edit existing repositories
  • Add Linux support

See the open issues for a full list of proposed features (and known issues).

Build Dependencies

This project is built using the Open Orbis PS4 Toolchain and the Yaml-CPP library.


Víctor Jiménez – @victorrjimenezz[email protected]


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