Grid Engine


Grid Engine is a graphics engine developed with the OpenGL API.

Getting Started

Grid has a single dependency: cmake, which is used to generate platform-specific makefiles or project files. Start by cloning this repository, making sure to pass the --recursive flag to grab all the dependencies. If you forgot, then you can git submodule update --init instead.

git clone --recursive

Now configure vcpkg, a Microsoft library that allows you to add external library dependencies in a very simple way.


Now install all the libraries that make up the graphics engine with each command and functionality:

Functionality Library Comand vcpkg
Mesh Loading assimp .\vcpkg\vcpkg install assimp:x64-windows
Physics physx .\vcpkg\vcpkg install physx:x64-windows
OpenGL Function Loader glew .\vcpkg\vcpkg install glew:x64-windows
Windowing and Input glfw .\vcpkg\vcpkg install glfw3:x64-windows
OpenGL Mathematics glm .\vcpkg\vcpkg install glm:x64-windows
Texture Loading stb .\vcpkg\vcpkg install stb:x64-windows
Graphical User Interface imgui .\vcpkg\vcpkg install imgui[core,glfw-binding,opengl3-binding,docking-experimental]:x64-windows
Gizmo Manipulate imguizmo .\vcpkg\vcpkg install imguizmo:x64-windows
Virtual Reality openvr .\vcpkg\vcpkg install openvr:x64-windows
Logging spdlog .\vcpkg\vcpkg install spdlog:x64-windows

Now generate a project file or makefile for your platform. If you want to use a particular IDE, make sure it is installed; don’t forget to set the Start-Up Project in Visual Studio or the Target in Xcode.

# UNIX Makefile
cmake ..

# Mac OSX
cmake -G "Xcode" ..

# Microsoft Windows
cmake -G "Visual Studio 16" ..
cmake -G "Visual Studio 16 Win64" ..


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