Graph drawer


Installation on Arch Linux

yay -S graph-drawer


cmake -B build
cmake --build build


Options Description
--in_json Treat input as json object
--in_coords Assume that input contains coordinates
--in_file Set the name of the input file
--skip_planar Skip planarity checking & drawing
--transform Choose transformation type (allowed intersections, springs)
--out_type Set the output type (allowed normal, json, tikz)
--out_file Set the name of the output file
--iterations Set the number of iterations


build/./drawer --in_file examples/0.json --in_json --skip_planar --out_type normal --transform springs
build/./drawer --in_file examples/Goldner_Harary --out_type tikz

Graph formats

Graphs on input are assumed to be connected, undirected and simple.


  • JSON object
    Positions array is optional. Nodes in edges array should be values from 0 to n-1.

    "size": n,
    "edges": [
        [0, 1],
    "positions": [
        [0.5, 12.0],
  • normal
    If present (must be specified with --in_coords flag), the position list should have length n.

n m
0 1.2 3.0
n-1 12.0 1.2
x_1 y_1
x_m y_m

or, if flag is not not specified:

n m
x_1 y_1
x_m y_m


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