RTL generator

Generator of SystemC, VHDL and SystemVerilog projects.

Main Idea

River CPU and peripheries libraries have different implementation versions on both RTL languages VHDL and System Verilog. I am using SystemC implementation as the main reference model. To support consistence of all these implementations with the reference SystemC I am goind to use this RTL generator.

Code generator requirements:

  • Preserve project structure and files
  • Support commentaries in the same way as in the current manual implementation
  • Dynamically track global and local configuration parameters to compute their values
  • Preserve text names of configuration parameters in the signal bus declarations

Code structure

  • librtlgen library that implements API with the generic C++ classes that should be used to describe any RTL model: project, file, parameter, module, port, signal etc.
  • rivergen RTL project implements River CPU using librtlgen generic classes.

Example System Verilog:

// Code commentary
localparam int CFG_PARAM1 = 128;
localparam int CFG_PARAM2 = CFG_PARAM1 - 64;    // commentary 2

logic [CFG_PARAM1-1:0] A;
logic [CFG_PARAM1-CFG_PARAM2-1:0] B;

Example SystemC:

// Code commentary
static const int CFG_PARAM1 = 128;
static const int CFG_PARAM2 = CFG_PARAM1 - 64;  // commentary 2

sc_biguint<CFG_PARAM1> A;

Generator should preserve parameters names and automatically calculates bus widths to properly use sc_uint/sc_biguint definitions.


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