This cheat is Internal really isn’t like other liars


  • I couldn’t get a full source because it’s so high in size, you can download it here full src: Download Full Source Code




Local Player


Fov Changer
Player TP
Waypoint TP
Car fly

Features : Fully functional ESP – Lines aligned to target hitbox allowing for easier auto-aim. Smooth auto-aim, you can alter the code to assign your own keybind for this. Default is Mouse4 Anti-detection methods – multiple methods used making this virtually untraceable, even while being spectated. Easy silent-injection method – Manual mapping of the cheat into game memory. Undetectable. No need to disable PatchGuard! Unlike most major paid cheat providers., this cheat uses an advanced hooking mechanism to achieve it’s goal.

Method :– Download the repo. Using Visual Studio 2019 open the solution and retarget to your Windows SDK, then rebuild. If any issues arise, ensure you meet the correct dependencies. Or use the pre-compiled binary included in the bin\ folder.

You must run the executable whilst in an ACTUAL game that’s -started- , not beforehand. Else you will crash. Use the assigned key (F8) to open the menu and num-pad to control it. F2 is your panic button.

Important! – AV’s are likely to flag this as a False Positive, similar to Cheat Engine. Either create an exclusion or disable for the duration of the game. DO NOT OVERUSE THIS CHEAT! While undetected, if you go around winning every single game with +50 kills somebody will take notice, and your account might get flagged!


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