A simple note taking app in Flutter. Using the Libadwaita packages to create a genuine Gnome-like app with all the benefits of Flutter – From animations to state management, null safety, and the potential to port across multiple platforms.


So far the app is pretty barebones, and can’t actually store to disk yet! This is coming up soon though. Here’s a lowdown on the initial goals:

  • Theming: Gnotes will automatically match the GNOME theme of your linux system, whether that is light or dark mode. I will look at how I can extend this further with “unity” theming for Ubuntu distros.

  • Notes: Gnotes aims to be simple, and initially will only support text input (incl. emoji). Will look at markdown support down the line.

  • Animations: Flutter will enable Gnotes to have rich and meaningful animations, something that cannot be matched by native GTK apps without significant effort.

  • Portability: I aim to make Gnotes for Linux first, and other platforms later, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t considered porting the app to mobile platforms.

Getting Started

If you want to help out, awesome! This project is super new, and everything is welcome.

This project is using the cutting edge stable flutter release as of June 2022 – Flutter 3.0.0.

Clone the project to your system and crack it open in VSCode and let it handle the rest. (TODO – Add better contribution notes!)

If you struggle getting it cloned and running on your system I’ll try my best to help.


No releases yet, so stay tuned for that! 0.1 coming once I’ve got saving/loading to disk working.


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