Challenge LostWallets

wallet.dat Find password get 50% balance

See TABLE with more than 150 wallets with amounts.

How to search for a password

Download the latest version of hashcat here An example of using masks in hashcat is here The hashes of the passwords from all wallets is in the file hash.txt Look for the password from all wallets at once, so you will be more likely to find

Example of starting a search

TEST: hashcat.exe -m 11300 -a 3 test.txt foot?l?l?l?l -D 2 -w 3 Examples: Run: hashcat.exe -m 11300 -a 3 hash.txt ?a?a?a?a?a?a?a?a -D 2 -w 3 Run: hashcat.exe -m 11300 -a 7 --increment hash.txt -1 ?l?d ?l?l?l?l?1?1?1?1 prefix.txt -D 2 -w 3 Run: hashcat.exe -m 11300 -a 1 hash.txt WORDLIST.txt WORDLIST2.txt -D 2 -w 3 -S Use your password search prefixes by mask or dictionaries

If you manage to find the passwoed, write to me in telegram phrutis Do not write me questions, look for answers on the forum

Frequently asked Questions

Are your wallets real?

99% – YES Wallets were maximally checked for validity. Coins were sent to some dubious wallets for verification. There is no way to verify wallet.dat is 100% This can only be done if the correct password is entered.

I have a wallet.dat I would like to exchange with you.

Exchange according to the logic of the challenge is not possible. Perhaps you have found the password and want to get the wallet.dat you need to collect the full amount.

I have an old wallet.dat (not from a table) want 25%

You can contact me in telegram phrutis Provide me with the old wallet.dat After verification, it will be added to the table with your btc address. If hunters find password you will get 25%

I have a wallet.dat with the same hex, there is a different amount, it’s empty, it’s a fake?

You may have an older version of wallet.dat There is a newer one in the challenge. In a later version, the user could add a new address and receive coins on it. The old version of wallet.dat does not have this address. Or vice versa.

Why does the number of hashes in a file change?

New hashes may be added to the hash.txt file. Or not relevant, doubtful ones will be deleted. Therefore, update this file at home more often.

Sell me all your wallets

I don’t sell or buy wallet.dat And I do not advise you to buy.


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