Filter Bank

A Fixed bank of 16 Band Pass filters with amplitude control per filter, and envelope followers to allow for controlling
the amplitude of frequency bands using the amplitude of another signal (spectral transfer).

To do

External Controls

  • midi note control over amplitude triggering
  • midi CC control over resonance
  • CV control
  • Field sequencer buttons increment or decrement amplitude per filter

Input / Outputs

  • Audio in L/R two possible (configurable) inputs
  • Audio out L/R two possible outputs from configurable filters from the array.

Filter Array setup

  • routing between Odd and Even banks (296e)
  • routing left/right audio inputs to specific filters
  • envelope followers from each filter
  • routing left/right as carrier/modulator signal
  • envelope controls


Control Description Comment
Switch Up/Down Control Mode Selects which filters ctrls map to
Knobs 1-8 Filter Amplitude Volume per filter
Audio In 1-2 Filter bank Input Even/Odd
Audio Out 1-2 Filter Bank Output Even/Odd

Original Source Code by Ben Sergentanis.


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