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levioSAM2: Fast and accurate coordinate conversion between assemblies

LevioSAM2 lifts over alignments accurately and efficiently using a chain file.


  • Converting aligned short and long reads records (in SAM/BAM format) from one reference to another
  • The following alignment features are updated during coversion:
    • Reference name (RNAME), position (POS), alignmant flag (FLAG), and CIGAR alignment string (CIGAR)
    • Mate read information (RNEXT, PNEXT, TLEN)
    • (optional) Alignment tags (MD:Z, NM:i)
  • Multithreading support
  • Toolkit for “selective” pipelines which consider major changes between the source and target references
  • (beta) Converting intervals (in BED format) from one reference to another


LevioSAM2 can be installed using:

conda install -c conda-forge -c bioconda leviosam2
docker pull naechyun/leviosam2:latest
singularity pull docker://naechyun/leviosam2:latest
  • Built from source using CMake. See for details.


Prepare chain files

LevioSAM2 performs lift-over using a chain file as the lift-over map. Many chain files are provided by the UCSC Genome Browser, e.g. GRCh38-related chains. For other reference pairs, common ways to generate chain files include using the UCSC recipe and nf-LO.


LevioSAM2 indexes a chain file for lift-over queries. The resulting index has a .clft extension.

leviosam2 index -c source_to_target.chain -p source_to_target -F target.fai


LevioSAM2-lift is the lift-over kernel of the levioSAM2 toolkit. The levioSAM2 ChainMap index will be saved to source_to_target.clft. The output will be saved to lifted_from_source.bam.

We highly recommend to sort the input BAM by position prior to running levioSAM2-lift.

leviosam2 lift -C source_to_target.clft -a aligned_to_source.bam -p lifted_from_source -O bam

Full levioSAM2 pipeline with selective re-mapping

The levioSAM2 pipeline includes lift-over using the leviosam2-lift kernel and a selective re-mapping strategy. This approach can improve accuracy.


# You may skip the indexing step if you've already run it
leviosam2 index -c source_to_target.chain -p source_to_target -F target.fai
sh \
    -a bowtie2 -A -10 -q 10 -H 5 \
    -i aligned_to_source.bam \
    -o aligned_to_source-lifted \
    -f target.fna \
    -b bt2/target \
    -C source_to_target.clft \
    -t 16

See this README to learn more about running the full levioSAM2 pipeline.


Last update: 3/30/2022


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