Kirikiri Z File Dumper

This tool can works with for some new engines.

How to use

The tool reads a json-based config file when it starts up. That config file should have the same name as the dll. e.g KrkrDump.json

Here is an example of a valid config file:

    "loglevel": 1,
    "enableExtract": true,
    "outputDirectory": "E:\\games\\game\\dump",
    "rules": [
    "includeExtensions": [],
    "excludeExtensions": [
    "decryptSimpleCrypt": true

loglevel: Represent how diagnostic information outputs. Set to 0 means turn off any output. Set to 1 or 2 for more detail.

enableExtract: Set to true when you want to extract files from game.

outputDirectory: Path that you want to put the extracted files into.

rules: Uses regular expression to filter the files. Add/remove as you intended.

includeExtensions,excludeExtensions: Filter the file type that you want to extract. Exclusive.

decryptSimpleCrypt: Try to decrypt the text file encrypted with SimpleCrypt.

How to start

If your config file is ready, put KrkrDump.dll and KrkrDump.json and KrkrDumpLoader.exe in the same folder, then drag Game.exe to KrkrDumpLoader.exe


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