ESPHome based dashboard using Lilygo T5 4,7″ e-ink display + ESP32


This is my hobby project to create an information-dense kitchen countertop dashboard for my Home Assistant based smart home.

My work was inspired by geekuillaume and Plawasan.

Disclaimer: this is really not a cleaned up version yet. ?


I used a Lilygo T5 4,7″ e-ink display + ESP32 ordered from Aliexpress, PH 2.0 9102 Chip version. The device came in a nice package with a USB cable included. Once installing the proper driver it was ready to use.

Getting started

Steps I needed to get this project up and running on Windows:

pip3 install esphome
pip3 install pillow
esphome wizard dashboard.yaml
esphome run dashboard.yaml

Custom solutions behind

My dashboard code may not be reusable directly for anyone else, but it might give some ideas, or perhaps a motivation that it is not that difficult to just create something like this from scratch. The layout is fully custom and tailored for my own needs. I tried to produce just a little bit better code than a 5 year old would do, but I’m not that proud of it (could use a lot of refactoring). Oh boy, I haven’t used C++ in ages… ?

Date related things and some other stuff are localized in a perhaps ugly way, since strftime can’t do that.

Data sources used behind:

  • HA date and time
  • sun and moon HA sensors
  • google calendar to get today’s “nameday”
  • spotify
  • temperature+humidity sensors
  • custom weather integration (scraping a local provider in HA, that’s why everything seems to be a separate sensor)
  • mobile apps for tracking zones

Other resources


Feel free to use any code from this repo, in any way you want. (WTFPL)


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