ESPBlinds – Wifi Controlled Roller Blinds

STLs are available at:

Parts used

…and some generic electronics components, such as 3.3v regulator, capacitors, resistors, and NPN transistors.

See the schematic for full details


NOTE The schematic shows the A4988 Stepper Driver, which was from a previous iteration. I am now using the DRV8255 which has a slightly different pinout.

Most notably on the DRV8255, the VDD pin is not present and instead replaced by the FAULT pin (which I am not using), and the RST and SLP pins go to 3.3v rather than being tied to each other.

Some more pics


Main gear with ball-chain gear attachment

Ball-Chain attachment

Ball-chain gear attachment (another angle)

Control Board

Control Board (with A4988 instead of DRV8255 stepper driver)

Housing with stepper

Housing with stepper motor and gear installed

Housing with stepper and board

Housing with stepper motorm, gears, and board installed

Housing with stepper and board

Everything ready to go, just need to put the lid on


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