Efficient Online Segmentation of Ground&Wall Points

1. Introduction

This is a light-weight & efficient online segmentation algorithm for segmenting ground points and wall points out of an arbitrary LiDAR point cloud.

This algorithm is inspired by “M. Himmelsbach, F. v. Hundelshausen and H. -. Wuensche, Fast segmentation of 3D point clouds for ground vehicles, 2010 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium, 2010″, an original implementation can be accessed here linefit_ground_segmentation.

See the picture below for a first look, where yellow lines(also magenta points) indicate ground points, and green lines(also green points) indicate wall points. result

2. Results & Videos

coming soon ... A test video can be seen on my personal Zhihu homepage, click here.

3. Algorithm Detail & Implementation

coming soon ... A chinese version can be seen on my personal Zhihu homepage, click here.

4. Dependencies

This project is also light-weight in dependencies, only PCL & OpenCV are required, you can easily install these two by apt-get install. Note that PCL is essential while OpenCV is only for visualization of range image. A developer should take no trouble to remove OpenCV dependency with just a little bit modification on original codes.

5. Compile & Run

Once you have solved the dependencies problem, just execute catkin_make and roslaunch advanced_segmentation advanced_segmentation.launch. See the .launch file for detail.

By default, VLP-16 LiDAR scanner or any other 16-rings LiDAR are supported. If you want to see how 32/64/128 LiDAR scanners work, just modify LiDAR related parameters in sgmtt_utility.h/AdvancedSegmentationParams.

6. Others


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