Doom for Sega Naomi

This is a port of the original Doom source code for the Sega Naomi platform. It is based on the work of Kristoffer Andersen who got Doom ported to a framebuffer. If you want to compile it, you will need to first set up the libnaomi toolchain from and you will also need to add a WAD file to the romfs/ directory. Make sure the WAD file is all lowercase or it will not be found!

Current Issues

  • The inputs are currently not configurable at all and are missing some important mappings (can’t pull up automap, can’t change weapon).
  • There are currently no sound effects.
  • After the demo attract loop the game will crash, rebooting the Naomi.
  • Selecting “Read This” will crash, rebooting the Naomi.
  • There is no way to exit back out of the config menu once entered.
  • Demo plays back far too quickly compared to the PC release.
  • WAD file searching to determine game mode should be case-insensitive.


Check out the original port here:


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